Martin Williams

My Name is Martin Williams and I have a background in music. I have played music in many different countries and done many studio recordings for different projects. I am interested in art, music, poetry, photography and film. I have a BA (hons) in Video Production and an MA in Photography. I work with young people in Mixtup, a Youth Club for people with additional learning needs. I also work at Pennard Primary as a Teaching Assistant. I work on outdoor learning projects and one of the organisations I have worked with is Gower Unearthed, which is situated in the Gower Heritage Centre. I’m now working on the We Are Wales project.

Onismo Muhlanga

My name is Onismo, a name given to me by grandmother to embody my Zimbabwean heritage and purpose. I pride myself on channelling imagination through art forms that assist empowerment, innovation, expression, freedom and knowledge; proceeding to strive as an echo of creativity in existence. As an Arts Curator and Support Youth Worker I have gained experiences in multimedia production, composition and intergenerational inspiration. Through continuing to learn and making mistakes in the creation of various mediums, I aim to persevere in taking action to create connectivity through holistic education and aspiration towards expression. Photo credit: James Mitchell

Lauren Clifford-Keane

My name is Lauren Clifford-Keane, I am 19 years old and I’m from Cardiff. I finished sixth form this year. My main interests are in creative writing and digital media. I’m currently developing my understanding of editing and recording audio and video. I enjoy listening to music and talking to my friends (online obviously). I’m particularly interested in storytelling and finding out about people’s stories and histories.

Shazia Ali

I’m a graduate from Cardiff University’s Journalism School, with a background in local broadcast news and innovative digital content creation and storytelling. Born and raised in Swansea, and being from an ethnic and faith minority, I’ve always viewed mainstream news and storytelling from a unique lens. My passion for journalism is centred around telling real people’s stories, giving coverage to BAME communities, and presenting them as more than just victims, they are victors! I hope that my penchant for storytelling and social media will be a contribution to the powerful stories We Are Wales will bring.